When You Need a Residential Real Estate Attorney

Buying a home is a complex process and includes more than purchasing property – there is a legal side that involves transferring ownership from one entity to another. Enter real estate attorneys. Real estate attorneys are licensed to practice real estate law. They have the proper knowledge and experience to represent and provide legal advice for entities involved in purchasing or selling real estate. 
They will prepare and review legal documents and contracts during the purchase and/or sale of a home. They can also be in charge of the closing process (if a home is bought with a mortgage loan, the lawyer can also represent the mortgage lender, not just the buyer).
In Florida, the law does not dictate whether either party must have an attorney during the buying/selling process. However, having one will prove to be extremely useful. 
When negotiating a purchase agreement, they can not only assist with negotiations but explain the legal consequences involved and help you understand the terms of the contract, such as sale price, ownership interest, inspection periods, closing costs, and financing. 
They will also review title searches to determine if you have a clear title, and if not, address the issues at hand before closing. There should not be any liens or title defects on your title, or it can affect your potential ownership.
Closing attorneys represent purchasers too. A realtor may represent you during the transaction, but they are in no place to give legal advice. Closing attorneys protect the buyer and can especially prove helpful if you have any liens or title defects.
Even if you anticipate an easy and problem-free closing, whether you are a purchaser or buyer, having a real estate lawyer present will be helpful and will ultimately protect you. If you need a real estate lawyer for your next transaction, call us at 305.740.1940 to see how the law offices of Alvarez & Diaz-Silveira can help you.