What Specialized Services Can a Miami Commercial Real Estate Attorney Provide?

Commercial real estate lawyers oversee transactions between buyers and sellers, handle title issues, analyze contracts, and negotiate with lenders in much the same way that residential real estate lawyers do. The fundamental distinction between these two types of real estate law is that commercial real estate law necessitates a level of expertise in a few key areas that are unique to businesses. Here are a few of the specialized services that real estate lawyers offer to their clients.

Zoning Regulations

While home buyers and sellers may not require the services of an attorney to manage zoning issues, understanding zoning regulations is crucial for commercial businesses. Businesses may need a commercial real estate counsel for rezoning, administrative hearings, variance applications, injunctive relief, and appeals since zoning laws govern how a property can be used.

Leases for Businesses

A commercial real estate lawyer can help businesses create, evaluate, and negotiate commercial leases. If you’re a property owner, you should use a professionally-drafted lease agreement rather than boilerplate ones, which are prone to errors.

Land Use and Real Property Rights

Property rights and land use are comparable to zoning in concept, but they also involve environmental rules and legislation, disputes with neighbors, and getting permits. 

Real Estate Development Law

Commercial real estate attorneys with an in-depth understanding of real estate development law are necessary for developers. This includes not only understanding land use and municipal zoning laws, but also assisting with property development from start to finish, including assisting you and your company with site evaluation, purchasing, securing financing, obtaining building permits, and then leasing or selling your finished units.

Commercial real estate lawyers provide a variety of extra services that necessitate specialist understanding of state and municipal law and how it applies to commercial businesses. For guidance in commercial real estate transactions, contact a corporate law firm in Miami for help. 

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