What Happens With Fraudulent Invoices?

Invoices are statements of the goods and services provided to a business, including the amount of which is due for goods and services. Invoices are issued as a form of billing. There are multiple forms of invoices, such as commercial invoices and timesheet invoices.

Fraudulent invoices occur when there is a duplicate invoice, a fake invoice, or a knowingly inflated invoice with the intent to defraud those billed. These invoices can become the basis of an invoice lawsuit if there is proven to have false or fraudulent information. 

If you suspect you have been sent a fraudulent invoice, contact an M&A attorney in Miami for the appropriate legal guidance. 

Consequences of invoice fraud can lead to legal penalties in court. The court may decide that the business that commits fraud is committing a criminal offense, or a civil offense, depending on many different factors.

Civil charges may require the business to pay monetary damages to the business that was deceived. If deemed a criminal charge, the business that issued the fraudulent invoice may have to pay criminal fines and serve jail time. Typically, the higher the amount stolen in the process, the more severe the consequences. 

However, defendants can use insufficient evidence, lack of intent or proof consent mistakes, and entrapment to defend their case against fraud. 

To help protect your business during a fraudulent invoice matter, contact a corporate law firm in Miami. We can help you understand your legal rights upon discovering a fraudulent invoice and guide you through the litigation process. To request a consultation, please visit us online.