The Rights of a Commercial Landlord

Commercial landlords are those that lease and rent commercial properties with a legally binding rental agreement. Commercial landlord-tenant rights are agreed upon during commercial lease negotiations, which may require an M&A attorney in Miami to review before signing. Landlords are legally bound to the duties listed in terms of the commercial lease agreement. 

Typically the following terms are negotiated or agreed upon during the negotiation process:

  • How long the lease will run
  • The rental amount and when it is due
  • Optional lease renewal
  • What will happen should the lease be terminated before completion
  • Repairs and maintenance responsibilities
  • If subleases and assignments are acceptable, and if so, the terms in which they may exist

The rights of commercial landlords will change depending on the state in which the lease is executed and exists. General rights include:

  • Receiving rent on time
  • Enforcing lease terms
  • Requesting tenants do not significantly damage property
  • Receiving possession of the property after the lease completes
  • Security deposits
  • Suing should there be a breach of contract

Landlords could still benefit greatly from consulting a corporate law firm in Miami before accepting a tenant. Attorneys will help ensure that your interests are protected during the negotiation process and inform you of what is best when entering into a lease agreement with a tenant. 

This information is provided for educational purposes only. To get clarification on specific lease terms and agreements, whether you are a landlord or tenant, please arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers by calling 305.740.1940.