Legal Aspects of Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Attorneys who manage commercial real estate transactions are professionals in topics that are similar to those who handle residential real estate transactions. They concentrate on the exchange of information between buyers and sellers in commercial real estate transactions. The main difference is that working with buyers, sellers or developers in commercial properties necessitates a different set of skills than working with buyers, sellers or developers in residential real estate.

Zoning laws are something that house purchasers and their attorneys do not have to deal with, but they are critical to the success of a commercial transaction. The way a property is used will be affected by zoning restrictions. Before a business signs on to a deal, an M&A Attorney in Miami can help with rezoning, applications, local zoning ordinances and appeals.

Due to their extensive expertise of real estate development law, a corporate law firm in Miami is required. Not only do zoning regulations play a role in transactions, but there is also a more complicated set of restrictions in play if there is land development. Site evaluations, purchasing, acquiring permissions, and leasing and selling completed units are all things that lawyers may help with. In addition to zoning regulation, other responsibilities of a commercial real estate attorney include landlord-tenant conflicts, contract drafting, breach of contract, negotiating deals, regulatory requirements, deeds, title issues, building associations (and condo/homeowner associations where appropriate), and financing.

When it comes to commercial leases, a business will profit immensely from the services of an attorney. It takes a long time to draft, evaluate and negotiate these contracts, and it’s easy to become lost in all the rules. To avoid future legal issues, always utilize a lease agreement that has been reviewed by an attorney.

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