Florida Business Immigration Law

Immigration law is the set of rules established by the federal government for those entering the United States and will determine for how long they will be able to legally remain here. When it comes to business immigration law, it is currently the most active and ever-changing part of immigration law as a whole. Business immigration law covers visas (including investor visas), employment green cards, and permanent residence.

Most business immigration laws in the United States require a sponsor (employer, such as an H-1B or PERM), however, petitions may be filed by the applicants. In some settings, the beneficiary must meet certain qualifications or experience, and sometimes they may be able to receive a visa or green card. This will be based on the amount of their investment or the nature of their employment, and they will not have a need for further education or experience. 

When working with an M&A attorney Miami for business immigration law, you will be represented legally to be able to obtain the required documentation such as visas to begin or continue business activity. Our firm works with employers, investors, and both small and large businesses. 

During the legal process, each document will undergo careful analysis on multiple levels of verification. We will work with you on current immigration laws, as well as walk you through any changes that may occur during your case. 

Alvarez & Diaz-Silveira, corporate law firm Miami, has a careful approach to business immigration law. We believe in a personalized approach, giving care to every detail of the case through our responsiveness and results-oriented service. For more information about our business immigration law services, please visit us online or call 305. 740.1940.