Data Breaches – When it is Time to Get a Lawyer

Data breaches refer to a specific time when confidential information is released without prior authorization, put in an unsecured environment. This can include theft of company information or leaks of company information that occurred by accident. Data breaches typically happen electronically through data storage sites, hard drives, digital audio files, digital video files, wi-fi connections, computer information (including laptops), and phone information (usually smartphones). 

Business records, assets, bank account information (including credit card information, medical records, contact information, and other pieces of personal information are the most commonly targeted pieces of information in data breaches. Unfortunately, identity theft and loss of profit for businesses may result.

If you think you may be a victim of a data breach, contact a corporate law firm in Miami right away. 

There are two types of liability in data breach cases – external factors and internal factors. External factors include theft by hackers, corporate espionage, or privacy breaches by management firms. Internal factors, however, happen within the organization and include employee negligence, security errors, accounting errors, or breach of duty by employees and business partners. 

The court may be able to provide liability for data breaches in some instances involving legal consequences. Before your company sets out to take legal action, it is best to first consult an M&A attorney in Miami. They can walk you through legal processes and help you make the best decisions possible for legal proceedings. 

In some cases, damages may be awarded for a loss of profit or expenses. The court may also mandate that the breacher return the sensitive data. However, if an employee was found to be at fault for the data breach, they may face a job loss, certification loss, and criminal charges.