An Overview of Commercial Landlord Rights

Commercial landlords are individuals that lease and rent commercial buildings under a legally binding lease. Commercial landlord-tenant rights are negotiated during commercial lease negotiations, which may necessitate review by a M&A Attorney in Miami prior to signing. Landlords are legally obligated to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the commercial lease agreement.

During the negotiating process, the following terms are typically discussed and agreed upon:

-Duration of the leasing contract.

-The amount and due date of the rent.

-Option for lease extension.

-What will occur if the lease is terminated prior to its expiration.

-Responsibility for maintenance and repairs.

-If subleases and assignments are permitted, and if so, their terms of existence.

The rights of commercial landlords vary according to the state where the lease is written and exists. Common rights include:

-Timely delivery of rent.

-Enforcing lease provisions.

-Requesting tenants causes no substantial property damage.

-Possession of the property upon the expiration of the lease.

-Security payments.

-Bringing suit in the event of a violation of contract.

Before accepting a renter, Miami landlords could profit immensely from consulting a corporate law firm in Miami . Attorneys will guarantee that your rights are safeguarded during the negotiation process and advise you on the best course of action when entering a lease agreement with a tenant.

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